Friday 14 February 2020

Bugs and Viruses

Having experience in the hygiene industry is a big eye opener when news breaks about new viruses and bacteria. Coronavirus is the latest thing to hit the news, a while ago it was Swine-Flu, H1N1. 

Today, it's easy to only think that computers can carry software viruses, and so we concentrate on ensuring our machines are kept clean internally, but then forget about the physical condition of the keyboard, mouse and screen as well as other add on's we might have purchased.

Research by various laboratories has shown that a computer keyboard alone can carry anything up to 7000 forms of bacteria, which is easily transferred when the user moves around the room or office touching surfaces that others have touched.

Often busy office workers eat their lunch at their desks too, while browsing the internet or continuing to work, which can transfer bacteria from the keyboard into our bodies as we eat.

A sobering thought indeed, and could be made worse with shared devices and workstations found in many warehouse areas, and hospitals.

So regular cleaning is essential, and highly recommended, but isn't normally something that your office cleaners will do as it contains a risk that is often beyond their liability insurance.

Turning the keyboard upside or blasting it with air from an air duster is a quick way to get the physical debris out, but followed up with some strong sanitising wipes similar to the type found here would also kill off the bacteria.

 Multi Purpose Office Wipes

So remember, it's not just the viruses IN your computer you have to think about!

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