Thursday 26 July 2012

4G - Turning point of networking?

So what's the hype all about? Recently we heard that soon, battle will commence over the 4G networking in the UK. The major competitors will battle it out to bid for coverage and there are even talks of some companies joining forces to get the best coverage in the UK.

How does 4G affect you?

To the average home user, with a broadband connection and a PC or laptop, it might not seem so significant.  We hopefully already get a good connection speed and don't plan to lift our desktop computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse into the garden while the sun is shining.

Or maybe we're NOT getting a good connection speed. Do we live so far from the exchange that we're experiencing connection speeds of less than 5mbs ? Then 4G might be for you!

O2 recently tested 4G and allowed 1000 users in London to connect to the service and report back findings.  Maximum speed achieved was 150mbs. Yes, you read it, 150mps! On a mobile device!  At this rate, we'll all be ditching our broadband and plugging in a 4G USB device into our PC's.

Nothing is set in stone until complete UK tests are done, but it's looking promising.

In the meantime, why not check your speed and see how it compares to what you were promised from your Internet Service Provider?