Thursday 27 December 2012

Are you protected?

It's a gut wrenching thing to lose something, especially something of value.

It's worse when it's stolen.  To think that somebody has been in your house and gone through your things is a violation of sorts. If only there was something you could do..

Well.. there is.

First of all, make sure you are protected. Get an alarm on your house and use it. Get good locks on your doors and use them.  Get timed switches that will turn lights on and off while you are out and use them.  Make your house harder to get into than your neighbours.

Next, register everything that's worth money. Take pictures of it, inform your insurance of any high value items and their serial numbers, mark them with ultraviolet pens in discreet areas to identify them if they get taken.

Got a mobile device? Make note of it's IMEI number (International MobileStation Equipment Identity). To do this, dial *#06# (some devices require you to hit the Green dial button after) and write this number down.  In the event of theft, tell your mobile device provider this number and they can prevent it being used. For more information, view a You Tube video from the Metropolitan Police here

Register your credit cards with an agency that can stop your cards quickly. Most banks will offer a service to cancel them all, so ask when you apply.

As gut wrenching as it can be, you can do a lot to protect yourself. Get protected now.