Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Clear Out The Cobwebs

So many things in life are about change, and moving on.. and it's no different with a computer.

How often have you gone through your hard drive and noticed a word document for a shopping list you created in 1998. Or a photo of a random item you were shopping for when your child was 5?

I noticed a while ago, that I had emails dating back to 2001! Simple, no longer useful emails containing a conversation with a friend about cinema and meal arrangements.. Hardly important now.

So, like clearing out the cupboards, sorting out the loft, it's always good to have a clean up on your computer.

Organisation is always the key, so set yourself a folder for things you might want to keep and things you definitely want to delete.  Don't immediately delete things if you're not sure, but once you've finished your task, double check your folder of "things to delete" before committing it to destruction. And don't just throw it in the recycle bin, delete it permanently and be done with it.

It's the same with emails - do you have thousands of emails in your "deleted items" folder?  If there are emails you need to save in there, then pull them out and put them in another folder to sort out later, then clear down your delete items once and for all.

Like the extra space you acquire from sorting out your loft, your computer will also benefit from clearing down old files.  Make sure you compress or defrag your drive after to make good use of all that re-acquired space.

We'll discuss clearing out the physical cobwebs from your computer tower in another article!

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