Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Bespoke too Soon

Its often a challenge for any business to make a choice over which accounts software they should invest their hard earned money into.  There are so many packages out there, surely one or another will fit their need?

I think the problem that most companies face, is that when they start trading they don't have a working procedure in place that has been set in stone.  This will come in time, but isn't immediately available from the beginning.

As time progresses, a system is developed that the staff are all happy with and the company will grow and it's procedures will increase in speed.  During this time, however, is where a company will start hitting the limits to the Accounts software that they invest in.

What are the choices? What can a company do if they find that their operating environment is being inhibited by the software? Bespoke software is the answer.

An off the shelf program is ideal for smaller companies that may not already have a working process in place. This will mould your administration into a process, a way of working.  However, you may soon discover that it won't do what you want, and this is where a bespoke system comes into play.

With a bespoke system, the development team will analyse your entire working environment and build the software around that.  The benefits are that the computer will work the way that you do, and not the other way around.  In most cases additional developments later on can be added to the original program and it can grow and shape the way that you want it to.

So there must be pros and cons to these two systems, or everybody would get bespoke, surely?

Lets look at those now:-

Off the Shelf
  • Can be cheap
  • Will already have a working system environment in place
  • Will have a lot of support by other users who can help and train where necessary
  • Where accounts and government interactions are required, will meet the required standards.
  • No Flexibility
  • Limited functionality
  • Flexible
  • Will fit your business operations like a glove
  • Will grow and change as you require
  • Will provide all the necessary tools that you require
  • Can be expensive
  • Development can take months or years
  • System is not always transferable as it's designed for you.
Hopefully that gives you a bit of insight into software for your business. Just don't let it be said that we Bespoke too soon!

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