Monday, 30 January 2012

Busman's Holiday

I decided to take a week away from the busy life in the office and have one of our regular holiday's away in the East of England.  Sitting here in a log cabin, no traffic about, it's starting to snow and we watched the snow drops landing on our head while we sat in the hot tub.

It's times like this that most people are quite grateful to get away from technology, and a few raised eyebrows always appear when people walk into our cabin to see that I have my laptop on my desk.  As much as most people want to get away from technology, I'm happier knowing that it's about. But why?

It's strange, but this made me think of various forms of technology that we rely on every day.  Our first thoughts would be to our mobile phones. Most people would be happy to switch these off or leave them behind. But technology goes further.  We all have televisions provided with countless channels.  We all have dishwashers and microwaves supplied in the cabins. Underfloor heating, and temperature controlled bath/shower taps.  If we wanted to escape technology, where would we draw the line ?

Maybe we'd try and live life away from any electrical devices. But even the clothing we wear, and forms of transport we use are advancements in technology. Without these, we'd be walking around with sheepskins around us.

Maybe this is what people really want.  To go back to a time before technology kicked in. Before language developed and before early man even developed the first spear to catch a fish for dinner. But then, with the mental capacity still unleashed in our heads, it makes you wonder just how far we could develop if this amazing brain power was unleashed.

So I guess that's why I feel comfortable.  While others around me are happy to switch off, absorb the surroundings and enjoy the fresh air, I'm happier knowing that I can let my brain compute, without the interruptions of day to day work scattering my thought patterns.

I'm grateful we're not going backwards. I really don't understand what "UGG" means to a caveman.

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