Thursday, 17 November 2011

PC or Laptop?

I often get asked which is better, PC or Laptop? And to be honest that will always depend on the planned usage of the machine. 

However, let me try and put a few key pointers down for those currently in this dilemma.

Being a bit of a geek, I'll always prefer to choose a PC. This is because I like to know that I can upgrade it cheaply in the future, add extra storage, memory or graphics.  And a PC is good for this.

Components on a PC are cheap, there is often plenty of space to upgrade and you can often strip the box completely and start afresh with the same tower frame if you want.  You can add extra monitors, extra USB ports and do all manner of things with your hard drive storage.

The flip side is the fact that it's a bigger box, you need a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse and then... there's the cables!

A laptop however, holds a few neat tricks. It's compact, it's light, its portable and you get a keyboard and monitor built in.  Modern laptops have super performance and the hard drives are of a very satisfactory size for even the most heavy users.  Aesthetically they knock the socks off a PC too.

The downside is the cost to upgrade, and that if a component fails, the whole laptop needs to be sent for repair.  Component costs are more expensive for a laptop and is almost impossible to add extra components in the laptop case.

So, as you can see, there is no definitive answer. It truly depends on the planned usage of the computer in the first place.

There are more things to consider before you invest in a computer, too many to include in this article.  However, if you wish to post a question on the Facebook group, or comment here, I'll try and give you some tips and advise as to a machine spec that would suit your plans.

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